see, he's wearing a catholic preacher outfit

see, he’s wearing a catholic preacher outfit


In 1995 Garth Ennis wrote a monthly publication drawn by Steve Dillion about a small town Texas clergyman. For the next five years, Preacher was devoured by comic books lovers across the USA. Preacher was bloody violent, vulgar, and often twisted with stories involving serial killers, demons, and godly powers. Personally, as a lifetime reader and fan of everything comic, I never experienced anything like it. Preacher was incredibly original.

Recently, AMC released Preacher as an original series. The series came with some film industry weight being developed for TV by Seth Rogan, Evan Goldberg and Sam Catlin. Preacher is now grasping a larger audience than those among us that follow Vertigo Comics. And most definitely living up to the challenge of appealing to a broader population.

Of course, the show is less vulgar and violent than the original comic book but still has plenty of action and gore for those that desire that in a TV show. Often times watching on Sunday night I am wondering how they get away with some of the violence. Perhaps that is why it airs at 9pm EST. Preacher is also able to make real connections to the real world with the characters in the show. Many characters throughout the show are dealing with financial issues, single parenthood, how to relate to their children, bullying, and questions about life and God in general. So yeah there is a vampire that can’t go out during the day and drinks mammalian blood, but he is a vampire tackling a serious drug addiction and constantly questioning his purpose and what it all means.

As a fan of the original comic book series in the late 90s, I can say the show brings an old favorite back in the spotlight through a fresh new medium. And as a fan of TV, I can say Preacher has just enough supernatural to not turn anyone away and enough character development and story to catch one’s attention and appeal to a large population.  Tune in online at or on AMC on your TV Sundays at 9pm EST.


-a smiledog contribution