Play from ahead.  Are you constantly playing catch-up?  Is life moving so fast that you feel like the best you can do is just hold on?  Try playing th game of life from ahead instead of playing catch-up.


What does this mean?

It means prepare for your meeting at work instead of just showing up and “winging it”.  It means plan your activities each week and stick to it.  It means prepare and take control of your time and schedule instead of simply reacting to what is happening around you.


How to put it into action

Plan your day/week/month.  You must have a plan, otherwise you are simply reacting.  Whether you use google calendar, your phone, or the old fashioned daily planner notebook write down what you plan to accomplish and get things done.  Planning doesn’t need to take a long time either, often we simply have too many things going on our head to remember them all, it is very relaxing to take all those things out of our head, write them down or enter them into a calendar leaving our mind it cleared and more relaxed.



Whether in life, finances or sports, learn to play from ahead and you will get better results.