Team Goat is easily the best team in this pathetic league.  Most of the other teams suffer from mental illness.


This the the final week of the regular season, half the league makes the playoffs so the race to get in is still open to almost every team, except one that is completely out of it.

WIN – Whats, Important, Now.


Team Goat  – regular season scoring champ is here


The rest of these teams are still extremely terrible, but good luck to all:

Larry_Sellers_ Homework – on a hot streak now, but a flash usually fizzles
Pimp Trick Gangsta Click – the loss of AP wont hurt you, you already stank
Team Birdie – i’m not scared of you
The Wright stuFF – i don’t even know you but i hate your guts**
Worst To First ( Deervall… –  you wont even be able to read this website using dial up, how many of your free 1000 hrs with AOL do you have left?
I’m the Pappy  – last season’s worst team at 3-10, your records speaks for itself.  (currently 4-8)
Mega Celesticles  – Wartown! but for real, you should have kept Matt Forte (except he fell off since I wrote this)
Team Optimistic – you have never responded to any of my trade offers
Satan Cyborgs  – I’m surprised you ever have a free clean hand to type anything
Son of Dad  – your rein has been over, stop living in the past.  what have you done for me lately?
K-Town Ballers – probably the worst trader in the league.

**chappelle show reference