Do what you would normally do. Why am I saying this? Because everyday we are faced with situation and we say to our-self, “what do I do?”. Do what you would normally do. This is best advice when you aren’t sure what to do. Do you have a big meeting or presentation at work and not know what to wear? Wear what you would normally wear. Are you running late and not sure which route to take? Take the route you normally do.

Seems simple but in the moment we often panic and make a decision we wouldn’t normally make. In the moment we are not always thinking clearly (although if you asked us in that moment we would say we were thinking clearly), take the guess work out of it and just do what you would normally do.

The concept here is to realize that I am just like everyone else, making hasty or rash decisions does not lead to better outcomes overtime. I know, you (and I) think we are the exceptions, we are a little bit special, were are a little bit smarter than the rest and we won’t make poor decisions while rushed. To believe this would be unwise.

Times of panic or when we are in a rush are not the times we make our best decisions, so don’t try, just do what you would normally do.