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Daily task should be as automated and routine as possible.  This allows us the time and energy to put into much “bigger” more long-term ideas and projects.  Unfortunately many people are just hanging on everyday, using all their time and energy to simply get through the day.  These unfortunate never have the time or energy to pursue big ideas because they spend time looking for their keys, driving long distances (because when they bought their home they though “a 30-45 min drive to work everyday won’t make a big difference”), wondering what they are going to wear that day, wonder what they are going to eat and where.  All of these things should take up as little time and energy as possible.


The idea is that the things we do everyday, every week, etc should be automatic.  We should not spend 10 minutes each morning figuring out what to wear, just have a system in place and follow it.  When I worked an office job I hung all my dress shirts in a row, each morning I simply pulled whichever shirt was on the left, never thinking about “what am I going to wear today?”.  Getting up at the same time everyday, make the coffee, eat breakfast, etc.  The same routine everyday, using very little mental energy.  Some would call this boring but what they are missing is that having a routine and sticking to it allows more time and energy to actually do much more exciting things.


-Have a laundry day at your home and stick to it, mine is every Saturday (we wash sheets, towels, cloths, etc.)

-Have a set workout schedule and stick to it.  I go to the gym for 20 mins every Mon, Tues, Wed.  Go at the same time, park in the same place, wear the same thing (clean of course), it doesn’t require any thought, it just happens.

-The house needs cleaning regularly, set a routine and follow it. For example, every other weekend is when the bathrooms get cleaned.

-Cook extra food on the weekends and eat leftovers a couple times during the week.  This will save lots of time and money.  It’s very curious that there is a trend to buy homes with huge nice kitchens or spend tens of thousands of dollars remodeling our kitchens and then not using them.  Seriously, having a huge kitchen and then eating out or eating to go food all the time doesn’t make sense (or cents).

Remember, the idea here is not to be boring but to be do bigger, more exciting things.  The time and energy we use on everyday task should be minimized as much as possible, this allows time and energy for much more exciting experiences.  Don’t sell yourself short, there’s more to life than our daily task, spend less time driving, eating, dressing and more time dreaming big ideas, traveling, living.



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