Be good to your future self.  That’s what I often think about when needing that extra motivation to finish folding the laundry (instead of leaving it in a pile on the guest room bed), or when it comes to saving and investing money, or when cleaning the kitchen now instead of later.  Be good to your future self.


It could be said that we are who/what/where we are at this very moment because of all the decisions we made (and didn’t make) in the past.  And it is the decisions we make today that will determine where we are in the future.  So why not be good to your future self?

How you might ask, here are just a few examples to jump start your thinking:

Will the Goat of tomorrow look back at the Goat of today and say “thank you?”

  • Going to bed early is a gift to your tomorrow self
  • Clean the house before you leave for a trip/vacation.  This is a great gift to your future self (as discussed in the Road Trip article)
  • Save money today and invest it conservatively, your future self will thank you.
  • Plant a garden, you won’t get produce today or tomorrow but your future self will thank you.
  • Don’t always cut corners when it come to home or auto repairs.  There is a time to cut corners but sometimes it pays to repair or replace something “the right way” even if it cost more now, your future self will thank you.
  • Go ahead and fill your gas tank up at a 1/4 tank, waiting until later could put your future self in a bind depending on what is going on at the time (i.e. late for work, stuck in traffic, no gas stations nearby)
  • Prepare for tomorrow morning tonight.  Children are taught to lay their clothes out the night before, I suggest you do the same.

Those are just a few examples and I’ll admit they aren’t the best but hopefully you get the message.  Often times, in the moment we say to ourself “I’ll do that later, I’m busy right now” or “I’ll do that tomorrow, I’m too tired right now”.   Remember that tomorrow (or whenever later is) will have it’s own challenges that you aren’t or can’t anticipate right now.  Today was once tomorrow and you didn’t think then that you would be too busy or tired to finish whatever task you are bailing on right now.  Be considerate of your future self, don’t dump a bunch of junk on them, instead put your future self in the best position you can to succeed and be happy.

I know some of the nay sayers will respond with “live for today, tomorrow is not guaranteed”.   This is true and there is a fine line, there are great arguments for living in the moment.  However others will say “what if I die today”?  My response is “what if you don’t?”  Be good yourself today and in the future.