Are you working out too hard?  Answer these questions below:

  • do you look forward to working out?
  • do you get light headed working out?
  • do you “give 110%” and push yourself to your max most workouts?
  • are you happy working out or it is more of a chore?

Working out is not just for physical benefits, I would argue the mental benefits are even greater than the physical.  Working out should relax you, re-energize you, and give you a feeling of happiness.  If exercising is a “chore” or “necessary evil” then consider pulling back on the intensity.  We often pride ourselves on giving it everything we have or “110%” but this will often get you worse results then if you gave say 80% or even 50%.  Too many people I talk to do not enjoy exercising and ultimate do not stick with it.  They say things like, “going to the gym isn’t fun” or “it takes too long, I don’t have the time”.  If exercising isn’t fun try lowering the intensity.  If you do strength training then lower the weights.  If you do cardio, lower the intensity or distance.   If you don’t have the time then  only exercise for half the time you normally would, anything is much better than nothing.  Today we hear so much advice about how to exercise, some people even call it “training”.  The average person does not need to be following the workout or intensity an elite athlete would use to train.   We don’t need measured workouts, multiple supplements, fancy gear or outfits.  We just need to have a regular exercise schedule that is fun and sustainable over a long period of time.  People who listen to the nonsense often push themselves too hard  or think they must spend hours everyday at the gym and in no time they have quit exercising altogether.


The mental side of exercising

I probably look forward to exercising more for the mental benefits than the physical.  Cutting back on your intensity allows you to focus more on your breathing and mental clarity.  Give it a try.  The great Chipper Jones once said “I get a better result when I only give 80%”



The important thing is to consistently exercise over the course of your lifetime, this will get you the best results.  If you only have 20 min 3 times a week to exercise then do that and feel good about yourself.  Only a crazy person would continually do something they hate, so make exercising fun, try lowering your intensity and see if you actually feel better.