I love vegetables too but this is getting a little weird…

I like healthy food.  I grew up eating everything on my plate, there isn’t any vegetable I can think of that I don’t eat and I genuinely like most.  Growing up as a goat there was always lots of home cooked meals full of vegetables and lean meats.  We drank mostly water as Coke was not allowed.

10 years ago whole grain wheat bread was healthy, then it had to be spouted grains, now it has to be GF (gluten free) rice bread or something more obscure.  Just think, in a couple years what is healthy now will be scoffed at for something more obscure will be all the rage.  This phenomenon reminds me of how college kids are about music and the bands they love, for some reason they think it’s cool to say how much they love some unknown band no one has heard of.  I guess they get a feeling of superiority that “I know more than you about music, I’m so smart”.  But seriously where does it end?



why am I still not happy?

I did a school project on the slow food/local/farm to table/sustainable, etc movements back in 2008.  At that time I was the one telling people they needed to eat organic, no fast food, no soda, etc.  Now in 2016 its those same non-believers who are now trying to tell me how to eat (what goes around comes around kids).  But what has changed? Now it’s in popular culture and therefore everyone has bought in because they want to be cool too.  This includes all of the “big bad corporations”, I mean the other day I saw an organic lean quisine tv dinner for sale, I mean seriously,  give me a break.  I don’t blame the corporations, if I could charge 50% more for something that says “organic” I’d put it on the label too.  Of course the real snobs reading are saying “that’s why I am part of co-op and get my food from…blah blah blah blah”

Keep it simple.  Eat healthy fruits, vegetables and meats, but don’t make food decisions in a vacuum.  Consider everything invoice in eating such as the cost, not just the monetary cost but the time cost, the inconvenience cost and also if you are eating with other people (who aren’t as food evolved as you) don’t make it difficult on them.  Yes, there are higher and lower quality ingredients but step back a little, get some perspective, if you look at everything under a microscope it does seem like there’s a huge difference between this sweet potato and that one, but in reality, there’ not that much difference.   We’ve all heard this before, there are people in other parts of the world who are starving and would think you were insane not to eat either sweet potato.  Keep perspective.  Food is not a status symbol.

Yes I know this is an unorganized, poorly written rant, but what else do you expect, I’m just a goat.