pictured here is a ficus hedge, we prefer using brush cherry or podocarpus


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A prudent goat prefers to do the work one time and then automate the maintenance as much as possible.  This ultimately saves lots of time, money and disappointment.   I once saw a sign that said something like this, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.  I think a respected person said this once, maybe Benjamin Franklin.

With this in mind lets talk about the home landscape.  For those who find pleasure in their home pasture, as little irrigation will be necessary to maintain its quality and appearance.  The first thing to consider is to designing your landscape with native plants that don’t require lots of supplemental watering, fertilizing, pruning etc.  I often hear someone say, “I can’t grass to grow here”, well a prudent goat would respond, then don’t plant grass there, plant something else that will grow more easily and be happy.

Irrigating our home landscape should be simple, inexpensive and automatic.  I have successfully used drip irrigation for years at mi casa.  Now I love a good hedge aka “the living fence”.  They are much more visually pleasing and friendly than a typical chain-link or wooden fence.  They do take time though but most good things do.  Drip irrigating your hedge makes perfect sense.  Drip irrigation put water directly to the root system, reducing wasted water, lowers your water bill (if you irrigate with city water) and best of all can be automated to occur without you having to think about it.

Now of course a traditional sprinkler system is automated too, but there is a good bit of water wasted, and water wasted is money wasted and generally speaking bad form.  I have had great success locating all the irrigation resources I could ever need at SprinklerWarehouse.  These folks are based out of Houston, TX.  Their online website has lots of information and there prices are better than I can get at my local stores and that includes having everything shipped to my door (which also saves time and money).